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John and Tim

Status: Post Production

At a prestigious Catholic boys school in Melbourne 1976, arty and flamboyant Tim Conigrave fell madly in love with John Caleo, the captain of the football team. Their operatic romance lasted for 16 years, facing disapproval, infidelity, separation, and the looming shadow of the grim reaper. Their relationship has been immortalized in Tim Conigrave's posthumous autobiography Holding the Man, which has been read and loved by millions worldwide. Indelible is the true story of how Romeo met Romeo and what happened ever after.

Curtain Call poster

Curtain Call
Year of Production: 2014
Screenings: MIFF 2014
Broadcaster: Foxtel Studio

Fifty years ago, aspiring thespians Terry and Carole-Ann Gill arrived in Australia seeking fame and fortune. But they never quite made the big time. Instead, they stumbled into the curious world of children's pantomimes. Over the decades, they have built a successful business and touched the lives of thousands of children but what has become of their own dreams? Now aged in their 70s, with their beloved theatre under threat from a greedy property developer, Terry and Carole-Ann's careers appear to be coming to an untimely close. As they battle to remain open, they are forced to measure what their life's work has been worth.
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Ballroom Rules

Ballroom Rules
Year of production: 2011
Broadcaster: ABC1

Anny Salerni, the charismatic owner of Melbourne's only gay and lesbian ballroom dancing studio, has devoted the last 14 years of her life to creating her own fabulous world of same-sex dancesports. Her students are not the most talented of dancers but they are passionate about their sport and are driven by a dream of competing at the 2010 Gay Games in Germany. As they prepare for the biggest event of their lives, Anny and her students must battle injury, personal dramas and entrenched homophobia from the mainstream ballroom dancing community and the world in general.
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Vivian Bullwinkel

Vivian Bullwinkel: An Australian Heroine
Year of production: 2007
Broadcaster: ABC1

Vivian Bullwinkel: An Australian Heroine chronicles the extraordinary life and legacy of the woman who should be known as Australia's greatest war heroine. Vivian Bullwinkel became famous as the brave Australian nurse who survived one of the worst atrocities committed against women during the second world war. But her story has been forgotten over the years. Today, few people have heard of her. This documentary sets out to rediscover who Vivian Bullwinkel was and learn why she was forgotten.
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